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Cancer Vs Society

After watching the video, Cancer, the New Trailblazer, the key method which is best for combating/treating cancer is changing society's way of health. Take a quick look at this website chart: This tells you the top 50 countries that have the highest rates of cancer per 100,000 people. It says the top 12 are from Oceana, Europe, and North America with 320 or more people out of 100,000 have cancer. The US is number 5 with 352. This is a problem that the last speaker of the video, Pamela Goodwin, Oncologist from Toronto, explained very well. She said that "it's not a scientific challenge, it's a societal challenge." In order to stop cancer, society needs to gradually change over time to a more natural way of living well and healthy. This is very difficult to do with how marketing provides services and products in all areas of life. Business is designed to make money off things we desire and crave. That's fine, but we need to switch the products and services we are providing to society by making us desire and crave a healthy lifestyle. The world has created so many laws, policies, procedures, etc. that slow down the process of changing what we should be doing when it comes to marketing the needs of a healthy society. It's up to this generation and the next to transition society into a way of living that will gradually make us healthy physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.


"Cancer, the New Trailblazer.” Films Media Group, 2015, Accessed 23 July 2019.

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