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The Tao of the Fat Cell

Does the fat cell come back after liposuction? According to the video, yes. After listening to the interview I found it intriguing to hear that the fat cell creeps back into your body every 10 or so years. The studies show that we do have a steady state of fat cells when we are children which regenerate the same amount every 10 years. The person who was interviewed explained that it's harder to decrease the number of fat cells in a grown adult because when they were children they were already overweight and that regenerates every 10 years. So even if you get liposuction, diet, take medicine, supplements, etc., you will still have a hard time losing weight due to your fat cells regenerating every 10 years. This gives me a better understanding of why you hear about celebrities like "Oprah" having trouble keeping her weight down due to her weigh shifting. This works for lean or skinny people as well. It will be easy for a lean person to get overweight, however,even though they get bigger, they will be able to lose the weight and keep it off easier. That's the only advantage. The lady being interviewed in the documentary explained it well for the impact of fat cells on obese children. She explained that overweight/obese people in general gain back about 2% of fat cells/year for 10 years compared to lean people who only gain about 1%. In the long run, that will have dramatic results for an overweight/obese child because they will start overweight/obese as a child and continue to get bigger every 10 years. According to the studies, there is still much to learn about the fat cell, but solving this part of the mystery makes it scary to know how "big" of a problem this will be in the next decade.


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