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Culture of an Organization

The culture of an organization helps define how well an employee “fits” within the institution. What type of culture is important to you and why? Also, what are methods for getting a "feel" of a company's culture even before a job interview?

Company Culture. I feel it’s important to have the right people hired into the company (Fast Company, 2012). I’ve worked many jobs where people worked like zombies who just came in and out of the workplace just to get a paycheck. There were also people who were the complete opposite who tried to micromanage the workers around them. Working around people who genuinely know how to help each other out and get things done through teamwork is important to me.

Part of a healthy culture in an organization is to have a continuous cycle of ambition (Fast Company, 2012). I understand there are times where we need to work long hours and meet deadlines, but to have ambitious employees who look toward the future for themselves and for the company is what helps the people and company grow.

Company culture these days are about globalization. There are people who don’t like this concept, but we need to realize that there are many different nationalities, values, and beliefs that other people follow. When a traditional method doesn’t work in the company we look to other techniques from other people from different cultures. Business grows rapidly when we find alternative methods that are more effective.

Research a Potential Employer. I find it most important to go to the employer’s website to get a quick overview of the company. Majority of the time there is an “About Us” link and a “Contact Us” link to get a summary of the company’s history. These links usually tell you about how long the company has been in business and what type of business they focus on. It also tells you any certifications or awards they have achieved, which tells you they are a successful company who follow state and federal regulations. Knowing this information will impress the interviewer because it shows that you took the time to do the research and care about the company environment you wish to work for.


Fast Company. (2012, May 21). Leadership. Retrieved from 8 Rules For Creating A Passionate Work Culture:

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