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Population Control

Given the reality of carrying capacity and logistical growth, do you feel it would be better for governments to adhere to some sort of population control regulations to ward off another population control episode (like another plague)?

I believe the government is doing the best they can with the support of other people and companies. It's up to us all as humans to control not only population, but all issues which harm the world. After reading the article I searched for an article on logistical growth and found a website from Khan Academy which explains logistical growth with real examples. The web page explains that we live in a world with limited resources and that we will eventually run out. Take a read from the web address at:

They explain logistical growth very simply and break down the equation for you to understand. We have regulations for many issues in the world. With the advancement of technology over the ages life is substantially better than it was in the past. We have experts who are able to let the people know if overpopulation is a concern.

Is it even possible to fight something like the onset of a plague or a war with population control, or are these occurrences just part of large population logistics?

I watch a lot of news and listen to a lot of National Public Radio so I know there are many natural disasters happening all over the world. From what my predecessors tell me, you cannot beat nature. To me you can't beat nature, but you can plan and create ways to work around it. As technology gets better we design better ways to deal with natural disasters. The best example to avoid overpopulation is what Tesla vehicle CEO Elon Musk is doing. He is spending millions of his own money to develop spaceships to ship us to Mars. He has been doing this for over 10 years and has succeeded by leaps and bounds. Here is the website for you to look at to find out more:

Musk explains how logistical growth is real and his goal is to send humans to Mars within his lifetime where we can live in other locations other than Earth. People from all over the world are providing their expertise and money to support him. Currently he is working on sending a single man from Japan who is volunteering to go into space to slingshot around the moon and land safely back on Earth. If he can get humans to Mars within his lifetime, that will solve our issue with logistical growth on Earth.

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